What We Do


Continuous Delivery

Automate It. Ship It.

We help your organisation understand, introduce, sustain and reap the benefits of Continuous Delivery. All the while increasing Operability!

Reduce waste and make releases boring by automating and fostering a collaborative working relationship between Development and IT Operations (aka DevOps) resulting in fast flow to production.


Platform As A Service

Always On.

We implement, operate and support your private PaaS so you can shield Development from the details of deployment plumbing.

Give them what they need to do their jobs faster, while enabling IT to retain visibility and control over resources and infrastructure, resulting in a more efficient use of assets.


Managed Applications

Full Service. Full Stack.

We take on day-to-day responsibility of you IT Operations, under SLA, as a strategic method to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

From cost center to a competitive advantage: enable development teams to work faster and ship more often while improving resiliency and reducing your operating costs.

How we do it

Professional vs Managed Services

Free eBook

Software Operability

a DevOps cornerstone

One of the key goals of DevOps is to Software Operability ebookensure that software runs well in the Production environment, especially in the context of regular changes (deployments).

‘Making software run well’ in this dynamic, interconnected world is the focus of Software Operability. If you lead a team or department in the development or operation of modern interconnected software systems, and want to understand why and how to make your software systems work better, then this free 6000-word eBook is for you.

In the context of a software systems, operability is a measure of how well a software system works when operating. We say that a software system with good operability works well and is operable. A highly operable software system is one that minimizes the time and effort needed for unplanned interventions (whether manual or automated) in order to keep the system running; similarly, a software system with good operability will make diagnosis and anticipation of errors straightforward.