Businesses invest in what the they understand and often fail to see the value of security, leaving it as an afterthought and often only when major incidents threaten their very existence.

At the same time InfoSec is changing and it needs to embrace processes and tools similar to those used by Development, Operations and Testing to improve visibility and collaboration. DevOps is not just Dev & Ops.

The connected enterprise brings enormous commercial benefits but also presents a growing security risk by greatly expanding the potential attack surface.

News of security breaches, from e-commerce websites to infrastructure and cloud services emerge on a daily basis with devastating impact on companies and users alike. Our mission is to enable a shift in how companies prioritise IT security and plan their responses while keeping up with market pressure for new releases and ever improving functionalities.

From Penetration Testing to Statistical Analysis for Threat Detection, from hardening running systems to securing new projects and infrastructure our Information Security experts can help your existing teams or take over day-to-day responsibility.