Sponsoring ServerlessDays Milano

The giraffe’s hoofs are doubling down: it’s a pleasure to announce we are sponsoring the ServerlessDays Milano 2018 event as well. It’s going to be a busier than usual couple of months for us in Italy, and it’s only the beginning of a new chapter… stay tuned!

Sponsoring Italian Agile Days

We are happy to support the Italian Agile community by sponsoring this year edition of the Italian Agile Days which will be held in Brescia at the beginning of November. Come and have a chat with us at our booth (just follow the giraffe).

Software Operability @ Codemotion 2018 Milan

Our founder Marco Abis will be presenting this coming November at the international conference Codemotion 2018 Milan. He will be talking about Software Operability: a DevOps cornerstone, a topic we’ve been spreading as HighOps since 2014. While you wait for the event here is some of our content on Operability: our overview page on it our […]

Ziraph: Managed Magento 2 hosting

More than 2 years ago AtlasHost joined HighOps and since then we’ve expanded the offering from the original shared hosting (what we now call Option 1) to include Dedicated Virtual Machines, Dedicated Servers and customers’s own servers . AtlasHost went from strength to strength and grew by more than an order of magnitude (!!). While AtlasHost focuses […]

Operability.IO Videos

The second edition of our 2-day, single-track conference on (Dev)Ops & Operability was a blast (if we say so ourselves). All videos are online so head over to our YouTube OIO16 Playlist and enjoy.  

Operability.IO 2015 Videos

We had a blast last week running the first edition of this new 2-day, single-track conference on (Dev)Ops & Operability. All videos from Day 1 are now online and soon Day 2 will follow. Head to our YouTube OIO15 Playlist and start watching even though the vibe in the room and the hallways cannot be […]

We are official Docker partners

In March 2014, before Docker 1.0 was released and before the industry and press frenzy, we initiated discussions with Docker Inc because we realised very early on the tremendous benefits and challenges containers in general and Docker in particular bring to the table. It’s been a very busy year with lots of exciting developments, lots […]

HighOps acquires AtlasHost

We’re excited to finally announce publicly the acquisition of AtlasHost, a managed hosting provider of Atlassian tools. In reality we closed the transaction back in December and we’ve been busy ever since working on the transition of processes and tools, the new website, a new support system and support knowledge base, and switching credit card […]

New website live

After months of work (ok, we got distracted a few times by real customer work ;-)) we are very happy our new website is now live. Not only it should make what we do considerably clearer but it will enable us to share more content than before more easily. And not just articles like the […]