DevOps consultants

You cannot be “a DevOps”

We strongly believe that DevOps describes how we do things rather than ourselves and as such “you cannot be a DevOps”. Sadly this is least common understanding of what DevOps means but we are lucky we are in the position to help our customers understand that and guide them through their journey.

To do that we are always looking for experienced people who get it, share our belief that ‘It takes two to DevOps’  and want to join our Professional services practice.

As a DevOps consultant you are responsible for ensuring that the team and client have an understanding of what DevOps is and, importantly, isn’t. You are comfortable talking to both technical and business people, from understanding the infrastructure, performance and how to set up build pipelines to helping our customers various departments close the feedback loop. Communication skills are as essential as technical ones and being experienced with virtualisation, automation, cloud and server tools is required but not sufficient.

You are someone with a strong fascination for IT Operations and OperabilityDevOpsContinuous Delivery, Open Source. Your seniority makes you a trustworthy counterpart to help decision makers get the most out of their Operability journey.

Ideally, you are involved in one or more well-established Open Source communities, and you have a proven track record in putting Operability at work.

This position is open to anyone who can legally work in UK.

How to apply

To apply for this position, send your CV to with “DO001” as your subject. Your CV is welcome as a PDF, plain text or HTML file. Please note this is a hard requirement: we will discard candidates who fail to meet this basic prerequisite. Make sure you include appropriate links to any public work (blogs, Open Source projects, LinkedIn/Facebook profiles, etc…).

HighOps Limited is an equal-opportunity employer, please check our Equal Opportunity and Anti-Harassment Policy.

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