Top 10 links for the week of July 14

The top 10 for the past week according to the number of impressions, click and retweets/shares.

We share a lot of content, both ours and 3rd parties’s, via our social channels, and we do that daily. This is our weekly top 10 so you can catch-up on the latest over the weekend :-)

Even though we only share content we personally find interesting so you won’t find many basic content farm-like articles among what we share, even if from reputable websites.

Here is the top 10 according to the number of impressions, click and retweets/shares we got:

  1. Sys Admin Appreciation Day London 2014
  2. Cloud Infographic: The Game Of Clouds 2014
  3. DevOps is NOT a Synonym for Application Development
  4. Just drop your fantasy of a king of OpenStack — there won’t ever be one
  5. PaaS Comparison: Cloud Foundry, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, Amazon, Heroku, and OpenShift
  6. Zero Sum DevOps – IT Automation as a Collaboration Killer
  7. The Changing Perception of AWS in the Web Hosting Industry
  8. How LinkedIn used PoPs and RUM to make dynamic content download 25% faster
  9. The Docker Book is now available
  10. 6 Reasons IT Needs PaaS

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