Top 10 links: past week, December and 2014!

Past week + all of last month + all of last year

Treble bill this Saturday: our usual weekly and monthly top 10s + a special one for the entire past year!

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All of 2014 All of December
  1. The End of Linux
  2. where does DevOps work in the enterprise?
  3. It takes two to DevOps
  4. Awesome Sysadmin: curated list of amazingly awesome open source sysadmin resources
  5. The Birth of Continuous Delivery and DevOps
  6. Continuous Delivery Pipelines: GoCD vs Jenkins
  7. Lean Enterprise – How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale
  8. Software Operability: a DevOps cornerstone
  9. Immutable Infrastructure: 6 questions to 6 experts
  10. Uchiwa: simple dashboard for the Sensu monitoring framework
  1. Lean Enterprise – How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale
  2. Is Docker Fundamentally Flawed?
  3. Cloud Foundry Diego-Edge Demo script
  4. Video of Adrian Cockcroft (@adrianco) ‘Fast Delivery’ talk
  5. Docker vs Rocket Gimme a Break
  6. Official Docker Inc Initial thoughts on CoreOS Rocket announcement
  7. Monitoring Survey – Tools
  8. Rocket vs Docker and The Myth of the “Simple, Lightweight Enterprise Platform”
  9. DevOps Bookmarks: Discover tools and frameworks in the DevOps landscape
  10. Cargo Cult DevOps
Week of Dec 29
  1. Who will own the Future Continuous Delivery Pipeline?
  2. Remote Work in Ops
  3. canary v1: small, sharp, composable monitoring
  4. Continuous Deployment: Implementation with Ansible and Docker
  5. Multi-Site Cloud Foundry
  6. 8 Questions You Need to Ask About Microservices, Containers & Docker in 2015
  7. Monitoring with Graphite
  8. Infrastructure as Code – Automation Is Not Enough
  9. Semantic Diffusion
  10. #DevOpsFriday5 with Marco Abis

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