Top 10 links for the month of Sept + week of Oct 6

The top 10 for the past week + all of last month

Double bill this Saturday: the monthly top 10 and last week’s all in one post 🙂

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All of September Week of Oct 6th
  1. The End of Linux
  2. When Logstash and Syslog go wrong
  3. Why HP bought Eucalyptus: An easy way to go hybrid
  4. London Container Camp 2014 Videos
  5. Time Warner Cable Outage Causes Widespread Routing and DNS Impacts
  6. Linux Storage Stack Diagram
  7. Introducing Chaos Engineering
  8. The ShipShow Podcast: Making Monitoring Work for You
  9. Docker, the hottest cloud startup in the West, adds $40M
  10. Mesos, Docker – The Next Disruptive Wave?
  1. Weave + Docker = Cassandra cluster distributed across Amazon AWS, Windows Azure and a laptop
  2. Redis cluster, no longer vaporware.
  3. Apache Helix: LinkedIn’s Framework for Distributed System Development
  4. Our Understanding of Giraffes Does Not Measure Up (not a mistake!)
  5. 8 Reasons Not to Move to Cloud
  6. Simple Security Measures Could Have Prevented JP Morgan Hack
  7. Big data’s move to the cloud
  8. Behind the Heroku Platform: How We Create Non-events for Customers
  9. Use Continuous Delivery to Get Apps Out the Door
  10. With the Docker Enterprise Hub, Docker Tries Extending Its Reach

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