Top 10 links for the month of Oct + week of Nov 3

Double bill this Saturday: the monthly top 10 and last week’s all in one post :-)

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All of October Week of Nov 3rd
  1. DevOps Days Belgium: Day One
  2. The Rationale for Continuous Delivery
  3. Apache Spark, Mesos and the End of Big Data Vendorfests
  4. Using ball flow exercises to highlight bottlenecks in software delivery
  5. Docker in Production — What We’ve Learned Launching Over 300 Million Containers
  6. Facebook’s software architecture
  7. Running a Weave Network on CoreOS
  8. Challenges With Randomness In Multi-tenant Linux Container Platforms
  9. Comprehensive Overview of Storage Scalability in Docker
  10. Interview with Gene Kim on DevOps: from unicorns to horses
  1. Immutable Infrastructure: 6 questions to 6 experts
  2. Amazon AWS New DevOps Engineer Certification
  3. 5 Years of Metrics & Monitoring
  4. The Ultimate DevOps Test
  5. A new hypervisor from Ubuntu: LXD – The Linux Container Daemon
  6. Apple Acquires Cloud Infrastructure Startup Union Bay Networks: Report
  7. Continuous Delivery Pipelines: GoCD vs Jenkins
  8. StackStorm Launches Open Source Software To Improve Operations Automation
  9. Introducing a *Super* Privileged Container Concept
  10. How Canary Release Helped us Deliver a Rails Upgrade

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