Top 10 links for the month of August + week of September 1

The top 10 for the past week + all of last month

Double bill this Saturday: the monthly top 10 and last week’s all in one post 🙂

All of August Week of Sept 1st
  1. The Epistemology of DevOps
  2. Resilience Engineering: Learning to Embrace Failure
  3. Is Amazon Web Services Really Down and Out?
  4. 9 awesome posts about web performance (that I wish I’d written)
  5. where does DevOps work in the enterprise?
  6. Four truths about so-called “risks”
  7. Sysdig + Logs: Advanced Log Analysis Made Easy
  8. Systemd: Harbinger of the Linux apocalypse
  9. OpenShift and Cloud Foundry Network Visibility from Inside a Container
  10. Change your thinking about Change Management
  1. Time Warner Cable Outage Causes Widespread Routing and DNS Impacts
  2. Linux Storage Stack Diagram
  3. Making Monitoring Work for You
  4. What is Syslog?
  5. Introducing Rudder: An etcd backed overlay network for containers
  6. Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst: We’re Ready to Dominate the Cloud
  7. Cloud Foundry Advisory Board Meeting – 2014 August
  8. The Pros and Cons of Open Source Logging
  9. Gartner Risk-Adjusted Value Model: Resource Guide for “The Phoenix Project” (Part 4)
  10. Cisco and Red Hat Deliver Integrated Infrastructure for OpenStack

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