Top 10 links for the week of Mar 14

We share a lot of content, both ours and that of third parties, via our social channels and we do that daily. This is our weekly top 10 so you can catch-up on the latest over the weekend :-)

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Even though we only share content we personally find interesting so you won’t find many basic content farm-like articles among what we share, even if from reputable websites.

More speakers announced for Operability.IO 2016, get your Early Birds tickets before they run out.

Here is the top 10 according to the number of impressions, click and retweets/shares we got:

  1. Classy up your curl with curl-trace
  2. How much is Spotify paying Google Cloud?
  3. Google shares software network load balancer design powering GCP networking
  4. The Further Evolution of Kubernetes
  5. The Epic Story of Dropbox’s Exodus From the Amazon Cloud Empire
  6. What *is* Serverless Architecture?
  7. KubeCon London 2016 – Day 1 and Day 2 reports
  8. Hidden Lessons of Incident Management
  9. Containers Will Not Fix Your Broken Culture (and Other Hard Truths)
  10. Facebook’s new front-end server design delivers on performance without sucking up power

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