Top 10 links for the month of Mar + week of Mar 28

The top 10 for the past week + all of last month

Double bill this Saturday: the monthly top 10 and past week’s all in one post 🙂

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All of March Week of March 28th
  1. How much is Spotify paying Google Cloud?
  2. Systemd vs. Docker
  3. Classy up your curl with curl-trace
  4. Google shares software network load balancer design powering GCP networking
  5. ZFS on Linux
  6. Google joins Open Compute Project to drive standards in IT infrastructure
  7. Slides: Unikernels – The new kids on the block
  8. Docker Swarm Exceeds Kubernetes Performance at Scale
  9. The Further Evolution of Kubernetes
  10. Maglev: A Fast and Reliable Software Network Load Balancer
  1. A typical monitoring project
  2. It All Started With a Wager About System Upgrades
  3. Containers in Production: Case Studies, Part 1
  4. Introducing Monster Machines, the world’s largest cloud GPU instances on AWS
  5. Google Cloud Container Builder
  6. Speeding up Web Page Loads with Shandian
  7. Global Cloud – Active-Active and Beyond
  8. Linux 4.6 Staging Has 1600+ Patches, ~400 Patches From Outreachy
  9. The Challenge of Monitoring Containers at Scale
  10. All KubeCon EU 2016 videos

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