Top 10 links for the month of June + week of July 6

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All of June Week of July 6th
  1. Red Hat’s CEO is dead wrong about the cloud
  2. Video: John Willis – DevOps Leadership Series 2015
  3. A look inside Google’s Data Center Networks
  4. Still wondering how Kubernetes compares to Mesos?
  5. Ansible – Create a pub/priv AWS VPC with NAT instance
  6. An introduction to immutable infrastructure
  7. Why Firewalls Won’t Matter In A Few Years
  8. Thread Pools in NGINX Boost Performance 9x!
  9. SCALE 13x Video: Patrick Shuff – Building A Billion User Load Balancer
  10. How to build your own public key infrastructure
  1. Service Discovery: 6 questions to 4 experts
  2. Using Consul @
  3. Monitoring 101: Alerting on what matters
  4. The Distributed System ToolKit: Patterns for Composite Containers
  5. Docker, Hyper and the end of Guest OS
  6. A preview of PostgreSQL 9.5
  7. DC2 – Desktop Container Computer for Docker Containers
  8. DevOps vs. SCM
  9. Video DevOpsDays Minneapolis 2015: Katherine Daniels on ‘DevOps: The Missing Pieces’
  10. A Brief Primer on Docker Networking Rules: EXPOSE, -p, -P, –link

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