Top 10 links for the month of July + week of July 27

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All of July Week of July 27th
  1. Service Discovery: 6 questions to 4 experts
  2. Amazon moves nearer Platform as a Service concept with new developer tools
  3. Ansible repo for building an ec2 VPC with Auto Scaling NAT group
  4. Thoughts Evoked By CircleCI’s July 2015 Outage
  5. A Brief History of Scaling LinkedIn
  6. Hygieia: dashboard to visualize near real-time status of the entire delivery pipeline
  7. Goodbye, OpenStack
  8. Dockerfiles considered harmful
  9. So…containers. Why? How? What? Start here if you haven’t
  10. Monitoring Java apps with Nagios, Graphite and StatsD
  1. ‘Infrastructure as Code’ book early release: 3 new chapters
  2. The System Administrator Song
  3. SSL tools we wish we’d known about earlier
  4. The Implications of Cloud Native
  5. Docker FROM scratch
  6. DevOps Cafe Episode 61 – Jody Mulkey
  7. Anatomy of a Docker networking heisenbug
  8. Accidental Continuous Delivery and Docker
  9. Arrested DevOps Episode 40: Building an Ops Team
  10. An early proponent of DevOps speaks out

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