Top 10 links for the month of Feb + week of Feb 29

The top 10 for the past week + all of last month

Double bill this Saturday: the monthly top 10 and past week’s all in one post :-)

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All of February Week of February 29th
  1. How to destroy your infrastructure
  2. Two weeks with Terraform
  3. Free eBook: Anomaly detection for monitoring
  4. The many load averages of Unix(es)
  5. Video: Logging Makes Perfect – Real-world Monitoring and Visualizations
  6. Platform to experiment with using Docker to build, distribute and run unikernels
  7. Open-sourcing Teletraan, Pinterest code deployment system
  8. Linux kernel bug delivers corrupt TCP/IP data to Mesos, Kubernetes, Docker containers
  9. Comparison of Networking Solutions for Kubernetes
  10. linkerd: Twitter-style Operability for Microservices
  1. Systemd vs. Docker
  2.  Introducing Cog
  3. Creating Microservice Deployment Pipelines with Netflix’s Spinnaker: A Perspective from Google
  4. InfrastructureAsCode
  5. Putting the Dev in Devops: Bringing Software Engineering to Operations Infrastructure Tooling
  6. cpustat: high frequency performance measurements for Linux
  7. The Dawn of the Orchestration-for-All Era: Docker welcomes the creators of the Aurora project
  8. Docker Networking Design Philosophy
  9. Attack of the week: DROWN
  10. ACM Queue: Borg, Omega, and Kubernetes

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