Top 10 links for the month of Aug + week of Aug 31

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All of August Week of August 31st
  1. Free copy of O’Reilly new NGINX book
  2. Why I Hate ITIL So Much
  3. Free eBook Kubernetes – Scheduling the Future at Cloud Scale
  4. Ansible – Create a pub/priv AWS VPC with NAT instance
  5. Netflix shuts down its last data centre, but it still runs a big IT operation
  6. Docker containers and the next generation of virtualization
  7. Docker 1.8 adds serious container security
  8. Grafana 2.1 Released
  9. Monitoring Survey 2015 – Tools
  10. Verizon puts 50,000 Docker containers to work on a massive IoT cluster
  1. 5 Key Deployment Pipeline Patterns
  2. The most obsolete infrastructure money could buy – my worst job ever
  3. Run your stateful apps with Mesos and Docker
  4. How Different Team Topologies Influence DevOps Culture
  5. Building Your own Chaos Monkey
  6. How imgix Built A Stack To Serve 100,000 Images Per Second
  7. Slides: Devopsdays Chicago State of the Union 2015
  8. Demo: Flocker on CoreOS on AWS
  9. Announcing Sleepy Puppy – Cross-Site Scripting Payload Management for Web Application Security Testing
  10. TNS Makers: The Comparison and Context of Unikernels and Containers

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