Top 10 links for the month of April + week of April 27

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All of April Week of April 27th
  1. Introducing Vector: Netflix’s On-Host Performance Monitoring Tool
  2. Amazon Releases Its EC2 Container Service And Takes A Swipe At Google
  3. ./
  4. True Zero Downtime HAProxy Reloads
  5. Tectonic: CoreOS Stack + Kubernetes – The Best Platform for Linux Containers
  6. The breakout of Ansible, and the state of config-management communities
  7. May Official Docker training London
  8. Dynamic Software Updating: Linux 4.0 and Beyond
  9. Global DNS outage at Zerigo: the real-world perspective
  10. Digging Deeper Into Apache Mesos
  1. Docker Networking takes a step in the right direction
  2. Eight Docker Development Patterns
  3. Docker Just Changed Windows Server as we Know It
  4. Launching thousands of Docker containers with Mesosphere DCOS on Azure
  5. Multi node testing with Test-Kitchen and Docker containers
  6. Google And Microsoft Make Containers More Useful
  7. Why Unikernels Can Improve Internet Security
  8. Best Practices in Outage Communication: Internal Stakeholders
  9. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater (cattle vs pets)
  10. Using HashiCorp Vault with Consul Template

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